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Nigel Francis Productions was formed in 2009 by Nigel Francis and Matthew Likierman when together they produced the Frankfurt premiere of the Off-Broadway musical Hedwig and the Angry Inch with Simon James Collier.

In 2013 the company produced the German premiere of Scaramouche Jones by Justin Butcher and are currently preparing the UK tour of Hedwig and the Angry Inch.




Defending the Caveman

“Outrageously funny and a surprisingly sweet exploration of the gender gap”

Defending The Caveman is a hilarious, insightful comedy written by American actor and comedian Rob Becker about the misunderstandings between men and women.

With hysterical observations into contemporary feminism, masculine sensitivity and the erogenous zones, it mimics the common themes in relationships that makes us laugh at ourselves about the way men and women fight, laugh and love.

Defending The Caveman has been translated into 30 different languages and has been seen in theatres around the world by more than eight million people in forty-five different countries.

“Defending The Caveman ranges from howlingly funny to movingly tender.”

In 1996 Defending The Caveman entered the record books, becoming the longest-running solo (one-man) play in Broadway history and in the year 2000, won the Lawrence Olivier award for best entertainment for its performance in Londons West End.

“Your face hurts from laughing so hard!”

Defending the Caveman shows the way in which men and women relate, affectionately nudging each other as they recognize themselves in the stories being told on stage.

People all around the world are in love with Defending the Caveman. So.........

If you're married, see this show!

If you're dating...see this show!


“Defending The Caveman is the Sensation of the Year!”

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Nigel Francis in association with AMW Productions and the Galli Theater Frankfurt presents:

My Way

"For a long time, I've wanted to do a show where I can just be me on stage and sing some of the great songs from the brilliant artists that I love. At an early age, I was lucky enough to be introduced to some of the great singers and song writers like Sinatra, Elvis, The Beatles, David Bowie, Leonard Cohen and many, many more that I'm proud to say, are still among some of my biggest musical heroes. It's going to be so difficult to write the set list that I will sing on this evening, there are just so many great songs to choose from, but I can promise you, all the big hits will be in there. They'll be no make-up, no big sets, it'll just be me on stage with a microphone in my hand and the chance to sing some of my favorite songs from these, and other brilliant artists. Listening to their songs again has brought back so many happy memories, memories I'd like to share with you on this evening, an evening I hope you'll enjoy watching as much as I'll enjoy performing. So here it is... MY WAY."
Nigel Francis

"Nigel Francis gives a breathtaking performance"
The New Current

"An almighty powerhouse of a show"
Broadway Baby
"Over two hours, Nigel Francis penetrates your soul"
Frankfurter Neue Presse

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The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs by Mike Daisey will open in Frankfurt at the Galli Theater.

Steve Jobs

Mike has a love affair with technology and a deep admiration for Steve Jobs. Then he visited the plant in Shenzhen, China where the iPhone was made. And everything changed.

In the monologue The Agony and The Ecstasy of Steve Jobs, Mike's revelations of his shocking journey to the Foxconn factory are interwoven with the story of Steve Jobs' life, and through Mike's, often comic point of view, we confront ourselves, as he shows us the way that technology has taken over our lives. Is it our best friend or our worst enemy? Actor, Nigel Francis (Fragile, Scaramouche Jones, Cabaret, Hedwig & the Angry Inch) plays Mike in the original English text....So! Leave your iPhone at home – if you dare – and come and listen to this funny and insightful story, full of inconvenient truths......

"I will never be the same after seeing that show."
Steve Wozniak - Co-founder Apple

"Mike Daisey, in addition to providing us with a riveting, hilarious, but ultimately gut-wrenching piece of theatre, may actually end up being singularly responsible for bringing Goliath to its knees."
Michael Moore, Filmmaker

"Smart, pointed and often very funny."
Charles Isherwood for New York Times

"Piercingly provocative and stingingly funny piece."
Joe Dziemianowicz for New York Daily News

"Audience members laugh and clap as he slowly disillusions them about their favorite products."
Suzy Evans for Back Stage

"It's terrific and, of course, it's topical..."
Michael Sommers for Newsroom Jersey

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